We welcome self, physician, and third-party insurance referrals to our clinic.


  • You do not need a physician referral to commence psychotherapy. However, you may wish to check with your insurance provider to see if they require one for reimbursement purposes
  • To contact us please call us at 647-508-1111, or email us at or complete the referral form here and fax to 647-508-1112

Physician Referrals

Third Party Insurance Referrals

  • If you would like us to see a client, please complete our referral form and fax it to 647-508-1112. Please include any other relevant collateral information.
  • We will contact the case manager or rehabilitation consultant within 24 hours to discuss the case.
  • When we receive a referral, it is important for us to arrive at our own independent diagnosis and treatment plan before commencing treatment.
  • We would conduct a 2-hour assessment to review the presenting problem and case history, as well as determine the diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan, which will be compiled in a report and sent to the case manager or rehabilitation consultant.
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