Motivational Interviewing

Let us help you make changes in your life with Motivational Interviewing techniques.

Making important changes in our life can be daunting, and sometimes we can be ambivalent about the changes that we want or are asked to make. At the beginning of therapy, clients can be at varying degrees of readiness to make these changes – ranging from feeling overwhelmed, unsure or intimidated to make a change, to those who have already begun to make some changes in their life.

Motivational Interviewing is a therapeutic style that focuses on “change talk” by harnessing our external and internal motivations and reasons for making difficult changes in our lives. Your therapist will walk alongside you as you navigate making these changes, rather than guiding you or pressuring you. Motivational Interviewing techniques focus on determining your reasons for change, as well as evaluating thoughts and beliefs you may have about making a change, or not making a change. These techniques can help you make small yet sustainable enactments of this change, such as introducing a new healthy habit or life skill, or, eliminating what you might consider an unhealthy habit. As mental health professionals, we believe that change is always possible.

Motivational Interviewing has been demonstrated to be an effective adjunctive therapeutic strategy for anxiety, depression, substance use, eating disorders as well as coping with acute or chronic health conditions and their treatments. The skills are complementary to those used in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

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