5 Tips for Crafting and Sustaining Resolutions for the New Year

As we begin a New Year many of us find ourselves filled with hope and determination, ready to embark on a journey of self-improvement through New Year's resolutions. However, statistics show that a significant number of resolutions are abandoned within the first few weeks. So, how can we help increase...

February 12th, 2024|

5 Tips for Managing Distress During Times of Conflict

  Recently, the world has been faced with a number of conflicts.  For those of us outside of the direct conflict zone, many have been touched personally by these world events, and others may react with deep concern for the victims and the future state of global affairs.  Here are...

November 7th, 2023|

What is a meaningful and well-lived life: Part 2

The pandemic has made us revisit what a meaningful life is. You can read the first post on this here. How do we manage our social lives? Internet memes circulating at the beginning of the pandemic encouraged us to “look out for the extroverts in your life," highlighting that lockdown...

June 8th, 2021|

Let’s Talk Healthy Minds & Resilience

On February 25, Dr. Noah Lazar gave a talk with the Oakville Chamber of Commerce on mental health and resilience. You can watch the session in the video below.   A list of Mental Health Resources Halton associated with this talk is also available.   The content of...

March 12th, 2021|
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